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Dr Subbulakshmi's Comments


I have been using Ventouse (both Silicone and Metal Cups) for the past 10 years.As we are facing many occipito posterior presentations because of the present life style changes. We are using Ventouse (Especially OP cups) to avert caesarean sections. I find the metal OP cup of Medisil very useful in prolonged second stages especially after epidural analgesic.

Dr PC Mahapatra's Comments


As in fact found, lot of changes in terms of the design and the spectrum of indication over the last few decades, with the abolition of high forceps application vacuum extraction have scored over the forceps in modern obstetrics particularly when the head is low. However the use of the innovative silicone cups (Medisil Make) have revolutionized delivering the heads in abdomen delivery in caesarean section. I have been using this for the last fifteen years for delivering the head in caesarean section which is very simple, avoids extension of uterine incision and moreover a controlled delivery and thus could obviate gymnastics in o.t. while doing a caesarean. I find it very useful for maternal as neonatal safety.

Dr Jayaprash Patil's Comments.


I have been using metal vacuum cups specially Bird's modification since 8 years. Vacuum (Ventouse) application requires minimum skill and learning curve is less compared to Forceps application. Morbid fear about metal cups among younger obstetricians is uncalled for and is a result of lack of training. So called complications of metal cups are mainly due to poor decision making. I call for training younger obstetricians in the field. Unjustified increase in Cesarean rates is also attributable to reduction in instrumental delivery rates.

Dr Prabhs's Comments


The Cesarean cup is a surgeon and baby friendly device which has made delivery of mobile head during Cesarean section much easier and incision-delivery faster. It is easy to apply and has a very short learning curve. It is flexible and a traumatic construction ensures feto maternal safety.

Dr Mohan Hande's Comments


I have been using these metal cups since 8-10 years, they have been very useful in Occipito posterior and transverse position. I have avoided many cesarean operation by using these cups. In places where OT facilities are not available, they are really good help to the practicing obstetrician.

Dr Narendra Malhotra's Comments.


We are very happy to have the digital model of Medisil Vacuum Extractor. We have been using the old model for last ten years for all vaginal deliveries and also during C sections with Medisil cups and new digital model appear more safe and better.

All the best.

Dr Swathi Mahobia's Comments.


We are very happy to have Medisil Vacuum Extractor. I have been using it for 5 years and it is very very useful in delivery of caesarean with high floating head & difficult second stage deliveries.

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